Part of the “Measure” tool group, “Cross Section” generates a graph showing elevations along a user-defined path. Different lines on this graph represent scan surface (blue), compared surface (orange), and design grade (dotted line, file name is noted in the legend).

🔔 By default, Scan Surface is the currently opened scan. Both Scan and Compared Surfaces can be changed to any date. Changing the selected scan date in “Cross Section” does not change the scan which is displayed in the platform. Original Ground (OG) is also available for comparison as one of the Scan Surfaces.

Move the cursor along the graph to view elevations at various points. A blue dot on a Cross Section path on the scan corresponds to the position of the cursor on the graph and moves along with it.

Click on the graph twice to select two points. A plain distance, elevation change, and slope between these points will be displayed on the graph. Selected points and distance between them will be marked with blue color on the Cross Section path on the scan.

Change the Cross Section path on the scan by dragging any point. Drag a small anchor points to adjust the path for further customisation (non-linear path). Elevation graph is automatically regenerated when Cross Section path is changed on the scan.

💡 Use Snip Screen to quickly capture the screen with the Cross Section view. Use Draw to supplement it with annotations or sketches.

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