Start by selecting Plan & Track in the top left of the screen, then select Removals. Click the starting point of the grading area and continue to click to establish the outline of your measurement area. When you have determined the endpoint, click the checkmark. Next, specify if you plan to grade to a specific elevation or to a fixed depth from the existing ground.

Select the slope your equipment is going to run (it0:1 is a vertical wall) and input the elevation or depth. Click “Get Quantities and Daylight Line” to get the quantities to be excavated. You will see the volume from the scan to the Design surface (Contract cut), and the volume from the Design surface to the bottom elevation/depth specified (Sub-excavation Volume).

The sum of the contract cut and sub-excavation volumes is the overall dirt quantity to be excavated. You can download the file with the coordinates of the daylight line for the rover by clicking on the "Download CSV".

The blue line shows the bottom of the removal you are targeting. The green line shows the daylight line from which you have to start to grade down to the bottom.

Removal parameters can be adjusted. Click 'Recalculate' and enter new values for the slope or the depth. Close this window by clicking the "X" at the top of the window.

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