To manage project users, click on the 'Users' icon in the upper right corner. A pop-up window will open showing all current users who have access to the project.

NOTE: This function is only available for the account administrator. If you do not have administrator access, reach out to your account administrator . Alternatively, reach out to to add a new user or have your permissions updated.

Adding new users

To add your teammates to the project, click on the 'Add User' button in the top-left of the pop-up window. Enter the email, company name, and access type of the new user. 'Office' means that the new user will only need access to the Office app. Users with 'Office/Backoffice' access can use the Backoffice app as well. Backoffice is used to set up new job sites, upload drone pictures and project documentation.

Remove access

If you want to delete the user from the project, click on the 'X' to the right of the name.

This image features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

Tracking users activity

The last column shows each users' activity on the project. You can easily see who's active and who has not yet finished registration.

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