Use Markup tool to quickly and effectively communicate visual information to all project teams, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring a shared vision. You can make more informed decisions, communicate project details, and share ideas with colleagues.

Create a Markup

This image features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

To start using, click the Markup tools button, then select the desired tool. Then click a point on the map to start drawing the markup. Continue clicking over the map to finish your area or a line.

The sidebar will open up after you finished the selection on the map. Minimal steps to save your markup: select the folder you want to save this Markup to, and enter the name of the Markup. You can choose one of the existing folders or create the new one by clicking the 'New Folder' button in the left bottom corner:

You can also choose the type of the icon and its color for each markup as well as adding a short comment for yourself or your colleagues.

Working with Markups

Once the Markup is created, you can click on the markup icon on the map and see the details you have just saved: name, comment. You can copy the link to the Markup to share with your team, edit to change the details of the markup, or attach a picture to the markup. Edit also allows you to change the boundaries of your markup.

You can visualize as many Markups as you want at the same time by selecting multiple folders or markers. Find and manage your saved markups in the Markups tab in the Sidebar. Use the Search function to find the Markup you need faster.

Adding Photos to Markups

You can add a photo to a markup when you are creating the markup or when you are editing the markup. Simply click Upload Photo when the Markup sidebar is displayed.

Private Markups

Private Markups are a place for you to privately save content. You can always move a markup to the public space to share it with the team by clicking on Make Public and the markup will be transferred to the General folder by default.

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